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Dyal Sales Company, Inc.

Contact: Marvin Dyal
Work 5807 Macy Avenue Jacksonville FL 32211 USA Office Phone: 904-744-4173, Ext. 205 Fax: 904-744-4392 Cell Phone: 904-233-4915


Bart Dyal
Territory: N. Florida, Florida Panhandle & S. Georgia
Ph. 904-744-4173, Ext. 204
Fax 904-744-4392
Cell 904-626-9219
Email: bdyal@dyalsales.com

Len Hileman
Territory: N. Georgia, N. Alabama & E. Tennessee
Ph. 904-744-4173, Ext. 209
Fax 904-744-4392
Cell 770-335-6382
Email: lhileman@dyalsales.com

Carlos Patino
Territory: South Florida
Ph. 904-744-4173, Ext. 211
Fax 904-744-4392
Cell 305-588-1009
Email: cpatino@dyalsales.com

Jo Mullins
Inside Sales/Customer Service
Ph. 904-744-4173, Ext. 203
Fax 904-744-4392
Email: dsc@dyalsales.com

Gina Winter
Inside Sales/Customer Service
Ph. 904-744-4173, Ext. 202
Fax 904-744-4392
Email: gwinter@dyalsales.com

Outside Sales: 4
Inside Sales: 2
Established: 1972

Territory Covered: AL, FL, GA, TN(e)


Products: Disposable aprons, Bibs, Gloves, Poly food bags, Single serve cutlery and kits, Plastic hinge & 2 pc deli containers, Deli wrap, Can liners, Janitorial products, Cleaning products & laundry solutions, Mops & brooms, Center pull & kitchen towels, Napkins, Jumbo roll tissue, Roll foil & Aluminum containers

Market Services: Sales meetings; End-user work; Sales forecasts; Trade shows; Market surveys; Special print; Excellent customer service