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Jackson & Associates

Contact: Russell Sullivan, CPMR
Work 15460 Herriman Blvd. Noblesville IN 46060 USA Office Phone: 317-773-6660 Fax: 317-773-4923


Christie Dwyer, CPMR
Email: chris.dwyer@jackson-assoc.us

Barry Kavich
Branch Location
10413 Scarlet Oak Court
Louisville, KY 40241
Ph. 502-326-9278

Charlie Puckett
Branch Location
Worthington, OH
Ph. 614-846-5811
Fax 614-846-5797

Branch Location
Cincinnati, OH

Outside Sales: 6
Inside Sales: 3
Established: 1976

Territory Covered: IL, IN, KY, MO, OH
Warehouse: Yes
Distributors Served: 190


Products: Translucent cups; Portion cups; Deli cups; Lids; Party platters; Party trays; Bowls; Plates; Hinged containers; Injection molded plates, bowls, and cups; Paper soufflés; Trash can liners; Cleaning supplies; Napkins; Poly gloves; Aprons; Banquet rolls; Sandwich bags; OPS containers; Hairnets; Hats; Chefs hats; Carry-out bags; Nylon scrubbers; Stainless steel scrubbers; Grill bricks; Paper towels; Napkins; Interfold sheets; Flat deli paper; Deli bags; Quicksheets; Foil containers; Roll foil; Pop-up foil

Market Services: Marketing surveys; Trade shows; Sales meetings; Direct mail; Sales forecasts; Special prints; Newsletter

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15460 Herriman Blvd. Noblesville IN 46060 USA