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Contact: Todd Haven, CPMR
Work 9405 Haven Avenue Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 USA Office Phone: 626-815-4200 Fax: 626-815-4400 Website:


Branch Location:
912 W. Tenth St.
Azusa, CA 91702

Neil Bernstein

Scott Duke

Outside Sales: 9
Inside Sales: 6
Established: 1962

Territory Covered: CA (s), NV (s), HI
Warehouse: Yes
Distributors Served: 200





Products: Aluminum foil & foil containers; PVC film; Plastic tablecovers, banquet rolls, sandwich bags, gloves; Corrugated pizza boxes & pizza circles, cake circles; Chafing dish fuel; Chef’s hats, overseas cups, hairnets, gloves, aprons, protective apparel; Nonwoven towels & wipers; Plastic cups (soft), portion cups, deli containers, cold cups & hot cup lids; Clear hinged lid carryouts, clear deli containers, 2-pc. platters, microwaveable & ovenable plastic containers; Meal kits, wrapped cutlery; Guest checks & register rolls; Hard plastic cups, stemware, plates, bowls, mugs, trays; Can liners; Paper napkins and tablecovers.

Market Services: Market surveys; Trade shows; Sales meetings; Direct mail; Sales forecasts; Special prints; Marketing plans; Strategic planning; Design & create ad programs