I encourage all my fellow Foodservice and Jan San brokers and Manufacturers to consider attending our next meeting. The gathering is a great opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and see the scope of our industry and the challenges we face today and in the future.

Our last meeting featured great guest speakers, fantastic roundtables, and enjoyable networking with brokers from across the country. Discuss subjects of Technology, CRM systems, employee retention, bringing in the next generation. You are not alone; we are all facing many of the same challenges. Hear and share your thoughts and leave with more than you came with and a big smile on your face. You will not be disappointed!

Dan Butts, Kenerson Associates, Beverly, MA,

I found the MRA Seminar to be most useful on multiple levels. You couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals from a nationwide networking standpoint. It was a great opportunity to talk to people from different parts of the country and get their feedback on what has been successful for them, as well as is there an opportunity to work together in the future. Another aspect I enjoyed was hearing the roundtable feedback on the second day. Keeping an open mind and hearing someone else’s perspective and experiences is an invaluable way to gain knowledge in the marketplace both professionally and personally. Needless to say, the golf outing was a huge success because everyone in attendance has a competitive attitude, and golf allows you to harness that competition while also building comradery amongst the group. This is a well-run Seminar, and I look forward to being in attendance next year!

Nick Reed, Seda Group North America, Mt. Pleasant, WI,

The MRA has been a great tool for our company for the last 7 years.  We have met almost all of our manufacturer reps through this group, and each year we are able to network with them all directly over a 2-3 day span at the Seminar.  It's a great opportunity for us as a manufacturer to be able to share ideas and opinions from our end, as well as hear from our reps what works for them and what they need from us.

Nate Ellwitz, WizKid Products, Dalton, GA,
It was great to spending time with a lot of great people at MRA.  Networking with the top rep groups in the country was invaluable.  I learned a lot about how different rep groups across the country are changing how they go to market as our industry rapidly evolves.  The MRA speakers were all tremendous and provided valuable information that was specifically tailored to our industry.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
Peter O'Brien, E.K. Lay Co., Inc., Newtown, PA,