Our company has been involved with MRA almost since its inception.  The organization has been one of the pillars of our business:  enabling us to obtain professional services, make lifelong friends, and gain principalship through referrals from our associates. Many of our people benefitted greatly from the CPMR program.   Our company would not have been as successful without this organization, and, on top of all these benefits, we have made countless lifelong friends from all over the country.  Invest some time in this organization, and the rewards will be in direct proportion to your commitment!

John Tush, CPMR, Access Partners, Azusa, CA,

"The true value of the MRA is twofold – Relationships and Knowledge.  The opportunity to mingle in a non-threatening environment, with both Manufacturers and the best Representatives in the industry, in a collegial setting is invaluable. My business and social network have expanded for the betterment of me becoming a more effective Representative. It has been my experience that other representative firms have been more than accommodating when asked questions and have consistently proven to be a wealth of knowledge. Membership and the seminars over the years have given me the chance to discover best practices, hone skill sets, re-charge, and rethink business processes. The knowledge and information that I have gained over the years have been immeasurable. I am, without a doubt, a better Representative and businessman due to my membership in the Manufacturers Representatives of America!"

Dan Brannagan, Danbree Corp., Mississauga, Ontario

MRA provides a wide range of tangible benefits and services to help individual members achieve professional success. Developing a thriving sales agency requires more than talent, hard work and long hours. You also need the resources of others. MRA has gathered the experts to help you make the right choices, as well as more than 200 industry rep and manufacturer companies for peer networking and "street smart" advice.

Ken Blucker, CPMR, K.J.A., Inc.