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Established in 1978, MRA is a national not-for-profit trade organization for professional multiple-line sales and marketing companies and manufacturers in the paper/plastic disposables, packaging, and sanitary maintenance industries.

MRA member rep agencies are specialists in their unique market and can help a manufacturer supplement an existing salesforce or operate successfully as a principal's exclusive salesforce efficiently, productively, and on a very cost-effective basis.


If you are a rep involved in the paper/plastic disposables, packaging, and/or sanitary maintenance industries, or a manufacturer seeking representation for your products, you are in the in right place!

Member sales firms in the Manufacturers Representatives of America are considered in the trade as the best reps in the business. MRA works to enhance the function and professionalism of the agency method of marketing in our unique industry segments. MRA serves to actively promote and advance the benefits and economics of using multiple-line marketing to leading manufacturers throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. Our responsiveness to member needs ranks us among the most progressive not-for-profit trade associations in North America.


  1. Promote
    To promote the function of the independent manufacturers representative.
  2. Educate
    To enlighten manufacturers about the benefits of using reps as the most effective and efficient way to go to market.
  3. Resources
    To provide the necessary products, services, and support to help develop reps' capabilities to become proactive participants in market growth.


We are proud to service members in the following affiliated industries.

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