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KeyImpact Sales and Systems, Inc.

Contact: Eddie Toby
Work 166 Main Street Lincoln Park NJ 07035 USA Office Phone: 973-406-1200 Fax: 973-406-1800 Website:


Tony Aprile

Michael Biolsi

Fred DeFazio

Kevin Haggerty

Outside Sales:

Territory Covered: NJ, Baltimore, Philadelphia, DC
Warehouse: No



Products: Paper plates, cups. Bowls & bags; Kraft carryout bags, double-wax bags, bread bags, coffee bags, foil insulated bags, concession packaging, interfold dry-wax sheets, sandwich wraps, foil wraps, glassine, polypropylene bags, interfold tissue, deli papers, steak papers, wet & dry waxed papers, parchment, quilon, foil BBQ bags, specialty papers; Plastic ware, cutlery kits, coffee kits; Bakery, dandy, pizza, food and drink carrier boxes; Biodegradable tableware and take-out packaging; Plain, stock or generic disposable hot cups; Dome lids, cater platters, cater bowls, cater lids, hinged salad containers, ice cream containers, glass caps; Aluminum foil bake ware, roasters, bake pans, serving trays, outdoor cookware, serving trays, holiday containers, roll foil and sheets, round and oblong aluminum foil trays, sheet cake pans, burner & oven liners; Plastic thermoformed containers, translucent cold cups, clear cups, individually wrapped cups, deli, portion cups, medicine cups, juice cups, produce trays, food containers, retail & institutional packs; Take-out packaging; Poly gloves, latex & vinyl gloves, aprons, silverware bags, zip seal bags, lobster bibs and other poly & paper protective wear; Foam hinged lid, plates, bowls clear hinged deli, microwaveable containers, Apet & Cpet oven ready baking trays & lids, meat and processor trays, compostable plates, bowls, cups; Plastic bag and film products; Placemats, banquet rolls, bath mats, doilies (paper & glassine), toilet seat bands, tray covers; Restaurant guest checks, waiter pads, register rolls, register ribbons, sales books, delivery forms rotation labels and portion bags; Disposable tableware, utensils, skewers & Picks, mini dishes, cups, cones & boats, baking molds, cheese displays & trays, wooden boxes; Heavy duty injection molded polypropylene and polyethylene containers; Plastic to-go containers; Custom and stock uniform apparel, chef coats, chef hats, chef pants, utility shirts, server/kitchen shirts, aprons, shoes; Paper bakeware and berry bowl collection; Brillo, sponges, scrub pads, foodservice products, material handling products, grill bricks, griddle pads & holders, caps, hats, nets, wood/paper/plastic expendables; Plastic floor care, material handling, waste collection, bucket/wringer mopping systems, tri-cones & floor signs, mopping/utility/janitor carts, dust pans, lobby & angle brooms, squeegees, restroom products, aerosol & gel deodorizers & dispensers, urinal screens; Ice melt products; Full line light bulbs; Feminine hygiene products, condoms, obstetrical pads, adult incontinent briefs, baby diapers, toilet seat covers, washroom accessories.