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Rud and Pickarts Marketing Company

Contact: Eric Rud, CPMR, President
1111 Jupiter Rd., Suite 204D Plano TX 75074 USA Office Phone: 972-422-0428 Fax: 972-422-7351 Website:

Steve Pickarts, CPMR
Branch Location
6006 Griggs Road
Houston, TX 77023
Ph. 713-643-8726
Fax 713-643-5221

Bart Rud, CPMR
Branch Location
23728 Beaver Creek
San Antonio, TX 78258
Ph. 210-389-2017
Fax 800-424-7762

Drew Akins
Branch Location
2332 Buck Drive
Covington, LA 70435
Ph. 504-621-9463
Fax 800-484-7762

Outside Sales: 13
Inside Sales: 4
Established: 1979

Territory Covered: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
Warehouse: Yes
Distributors Served: 300


Products: Institutional can liners; Cutter box, meat and perforated films; Microwaveable containers, deli and baking containers; OPS hinged lid containers; Foil containers, roll foil, pop-up sheets; Plastic tumblers, plates & stemware, souvenir cups, cater trays, serving utensils; Paper and plastic grocery bags and sacks; Paper head coverup, hairnets, sewn garments, gloves, aprons; Grill bricks, metal scrubbers, scouring pads, sponges, grease filters, brooms; Stirrers, straws, specialty pics; Insulated paper cups; cutlery, cutlery kits; Paper napkins, folded and roll towels, toilet tisue; Foaming soaps, dispensers, pump soaps; Floor mats; Wet mops, dust mops, carpet bonnets; Kraft and butcher paper, freezer paper, separating tissue; Stretch, banding, printing films; Wrapping tissues, decorative bags, mylar sheets and shred, gift wrap, shopping bags, merchandise bags; Paper cutters, suzy racks; Packing list envelopes, zippered bags, military spec packaging; Carton sealing tapes, masking, filament, duct tapes; Printed tapes, tape handles; Vapor corrosive inhibitors; Desiccants, static control products

Market Services: Market surveys; Trade shows; Sales meetings; Direct mail; Sales forecasts; Special prints; Internet; Car phones; Market segment specialists; End-user specialist; Warehousing; Laptop computers

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1111 Jupiter Rd., Suite 204D Plano TX 75074 USA