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White & Hodge Co., Inc.

Contact: Keith White, CPMR
2780 Bert Adams Rd., Suite 100 Alanta GA 30339 USA Office Phone: 770-431-1955 Website: http://www.whiteandhodge.com

Keith White, CPMR
2780 Bert Adams Rd., Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339
Ph. 770-431-1955
Toll Free 800-241-4264
Fax 770-431-4702
Email: keithw@whiteandhodge.com

Glenn Belvin
Branch Location
250 Antigua Way
Niceville, FL 32578
Ph/Fax 850-897-0371
Email: glennb@whiteandhodge.com

Kinney P. Brooks
Branch Location
806 Lightwood Dr.
Matthews, NC 28105
Ph. 704-847-1624
Fax 704-847-1387
Email: kinneyb@whiteandhodge.com

Doron Corcos
Branch Location
778 N.E. Marine Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Ph. 561-338-8615
Fax 561-338-8616
Email: doronc@whiteandhodge.com

Omar J. Farah
Branch Location
10217 Vineyard Lake Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Ph. 904-363-00374
Email: omarf@whiteandhodge.com

Sergio Fumero
Branch Location
10544 S.W. 131 Court
Miami, FL 33186
Ph. 305-382-1184
Fax 501-694-1415
Email: sergiof@whiteandhodge.com

Jason Gelband
Branch Location
6501 Creedmoor Rd., Ste. 204
Raleigh, NC 27613
Ph. 919-841-4490
Fax 919-841-4491
Email: jasong@whiteandhodge.com

Christy Howie
Branch Location
13111 SW 14th Place
Davie, FL 33325
Ph. 954-382-9393
Email: christyh@whiteandhodge.com

Katie Jernigan
Branch Location
1135 Norwood Lane
Lewisville, NC 27023
Ph. 800-241-8264
Fax 770-431-4702
Email: katiej@whiteandhodge.com

Meg Jones
Branch Location
2780 Bert Adams Rd., Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339
Ph. 770-431-1955
Fax 770-431-4702
Email: megj@whiteandhodge.com

Steve Rollings
Branch Location
3401 Windbluff Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28277
Ph. 704-287-2066
Fax 704-321-7002
Email: stever@whiteandhodge.com

Glenn Strickland
Branch Location
7071 Morningside Court
Brentwood, TN 37027
Ph. 615-370-8390
Fax 615-370-9781
Email: glenns@whiteandhodge.com

Steve Winton
Branch Location
2464 Stockton Dr.
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Ph. 904-284-2325
Fax 904-284-1421
Email: stevew@whiteandhodge.com

Jaime Zak
Branch Location
100 W. Grant St., Apt. 4078
Orlando, FL 32806
Ph. 800-241-8264
Fax 770-431-4702
Email: jaimez@whiteandhodge.com

Outside Sales: 17
Inside Sales: 9
Established: 1963

Territory Covered: Southeastern US
Distributors Served: 500


Products: Grocery bags & sacks; Poly bags & liners; Sandwich bags; Straws; Food service kits; Toilet paper; Ice bags; Foam hinged trays; Plastic cutlery; Waxed papers; Meat trays; Pizza boxes & circles; Plates & bowls; Paper cups; Foodservice trays; Vinyl, latex gloves; Woodenware; Wet wipes and cleaning towelettes; Household cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers

Market Services: Market surveys; Trade shows; Sales meetings; Direct mail; Sales forecasts; Special prints; Telemarketing

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2780 Bert Adams Rd., Suite 100 Alanta GA 30339 USA