These are the benefits I find in attending the MRA Seminar...

Single location to connect with Manufacturers Reps from all over the US.
Great opportunity to have group meetings with my teams in a single location. (Tremendous Cost & Time Savings)
Building personal relationships & networking to grow business and awareness of our products and company.
Learning about what is important to our sales teams & others.
Real time market intelligence from the boots on the street!
Learning what motivates and drives sales teams.
Understanding & sharing best practices
Always having access and building on current teams
Simply getting better together with every meeting we attend.

To Manufacturers and Manufactures Representatives – don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn how to be better today than you were yesterday while having fun!  MRA is the group you want to be a part of regardless of which side of the coin you are on - manufacturer or rep.  Money and time well invested!!! 

Gary Jessup, Seda Group North America, Mt. Pleasant, WI,