The true value of the MRA is twofold – Relationships and Knowledge.  The opportunity to mingle in a non-threatening environment, with both Manufacturers and the best Representatives in the industry, in a collegial setting is invaluable. My business and social network have expanded for the betterment of me becoming a more effective Representative. It has been my experience that other representative firms have been more than accommodating when asked questions and have consistently proven to be a wealth of knowledge. Membership and the seminars over the years have given me the chance to discover best practices, hone skill sets, re-charge, and rethink business processes. The knowledge and information that I have gained over the years have been immeasurable. I am, without a doubt, a better Representative and businessman due to my membership in the Manufacturers Representatives of America!

Dan Brannagan, Danbree Corp., Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Danbree Corp., Mississauga, Ontario